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Integrity Funeral Plan: Planning ahead is a natural thing for us all to do. That preparation is designed to protect our family’s future and wellbeing. Unfortunately, very few people plan ahead for a funeral because of the emotional cost. Such planning centres on a sad and possibly traumatic event in our lives, a time we are not looking forward to; a time of loss, and a time of hurt. Unless forced into the situation, most families often do not even discuss what should happen if someone they love dies.

Pre Arranged Funeral Plans:The Integrity Funeral Plan was created to help aid you and your family through a sad time without needing to worry about the finer details and financial side at the time of grief.

The idea of our funeral plan process is quite simple to understand.

The first step is to meet with our friendly and professional staff and discover what type of funeral you or your family wish to have we would discuss with your options in detail , helping us understand your wishes and choices at this point we will tailor and cost the funeral to your needs. That way you have an understanding of the costing of the funeral at today’s cost, we are happy to visit in the comfort of your own home or at our offices.

Secondly, we would then form a contract providing a unique tailored pre-arranged funeral to you matching your needs, wishes and instructions.
Finally, we then use the funds provided and invest them wisely generally in interest bearing accounts that allows us to offset the cost of inflation to you as family thus securing the cost of the funeral at today’s cost for you as a family, once the agreement is in place the cost of the funeral is then set at today’s cost and never changes or is subject to price increase.

A pre-arranged funeral with a good Funeral Plan is a wise and thoughtful move. Call today.

The first step in celebrating a lifetime journey is talking with someone you can trust.


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