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Our modern practice is located in Southport. We are more than just a denture making practice. We offer a full dental service which means any work needed prior to the new dentures is done at our practice.

New Dentures
At the Denture shop Southport I see many patients who keep their dentures for too long. The usual reasons for this are:

  • Cost.
  • The existing ones are comfortable and seemingly function ok.
  • Apprehension about how new ones will alter your appearance.
  • New ones can be painful initially.

These are all valid reasons to `put it off` a bit longer, but bear in mind that if its left too long adapting to the new ones will be more difficult.

Overworn dentures do nothing to support the face muscles and condyle and always make the facial features look older. If its past time you treated yourself to new dentures…do it in now!

portable dental model showing how to use intra proximal brushes (isolated on white background)

We have a great new range of the latest acrylic teeth which look really natural and turn around time is fast in some cases 24hrs.

Customer Feedback

The teeth are great, fit so well and have really filled out my face. Everyone says I look younger. Thanks Rob! 

Quick, easy and professional. 5 stars!

I had my dentures for over 20 years. After seeing the dentist he recommended a full set of dentures. I was worried about the cost but with my private healthcare it was extremely reasonable. My new teeth have given me confidence and my daughter says that I look younger. Will recommend you to my friends.

Take your first step to smiling with confidence by booking your consultation with our denture professionals today. You will feel and look better… and wonder why you put it off for so long. Click on the box on the right for a very special deal

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