About Us


Uplus55.com.au has been established for the most optimistic and prosperous generation in history to date – the over 55s, the Boomers and Beyond, the generation which it seems in the main is now being overlooked.

This generation was conditioned by the media and marketers to feel important until they hit 50! Why not now? We strongly believe that this innovative generation is even more important to our society than ever before – a fact that is mostly going un-noticed today by the media and marketers.

Boomers are typically enterprising, well-educated and the largest consumer power-house in Australia today. You have worked hard and now have the time and desire to spend on indulging yourselves, caring about your health and enjoying your lifestyle.

You refuse to define yourselves by age, and ignore any suggestions that you are getting old. Boomers are having a huge impact on ageism – it will most likely be one of the lasting accomplishments that you gift ahead. Many feel that the 60s are the new 40s!

After being number one for so long, at 55+ have you suddenly felt invisible?

Wise businesses are starting to realise that this generation is more market-savvy than any other. They know that if they support you – you will support them.

About Us

With this current situation in mind and through extensive research, we have produced a one-stop website especially for you and your lifestyle. It is simple to use, engaging, with informative Blogs, (sometimes controversial) and has great businesses promoting great savings.

Everything a “Boomers and Beyond” generation cares about, you will find here – such as caring for your family, your pets, your finances, your homes and your great lifestyle. You have a passion for travelling, being entertained and enjoying yourselves.

We often hear it said – “We’ve earned it, so why not enjoy the fruits of our hard work.”  “We want to make the most of our lives while we can, so let’s get on with enjoying it.” 

Following a very successful pilot conducted in Melbourne in December, we will continue to canvas communities seeking out local businesses and services who want to support the 55+ generation. We’re engaging businesses that want YOU to know they offer good service, will keep you up to date with what’s happening, let you know about the latest ‘deals’, break throughs and opportunities on offer and  give you value. No more hunting through a myriad of websites to find out what’s going on!

Uplus55.com.au has a two-fold purpose:

  • To give YOU –  the 55+ generation what you want and deserve
  • And for your community to support and value you.

With 7.3 million baby boomers living in Australia today – it is our aim to connect the two – our business communities and the 55+ generation.

It’s a no brainer, it’s a “win-win” for both.

Together, let’s wake up this “sleeping giant”.
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We say – Go for it … You certainly deserve it!